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VibraFit Original

The first model in Vibra Fit’s line of professional exercise machines. The vibration plate works similar to a see-saw, oscillating on both the right and left sides. This motion helps your muscles contract and retract at a faster rate to boost your metabolism, increase blood flow and will help you to lose weight.

You can simply stand on the machine or do your favourite exercise positions such as squats, lunges, push-ups and planks. For a more intense and fun workout, try adding the resistance bands to your routine.

VibraFit Slim

The newest model from the Vibra Fit line, ith a sleek new design, the Vibra Fit SLIM is easy to store and perfect for working out at home.

By using vibration technology, the Vibra Fit SLIM compels your muscles to contract and retract at a faster rate, so that you can boost your metabolism, increase blood flow and shed unwanted body fat.

This motion forces your body to continually re-balance itself, giving you a full body work out in as little as 10 minutes a day. 

VibraFit Coach

This machine features six tailored programs and a manual mode, with 20 different speed settings. The VibraFit Coach has a bigger surface that allows you to exercise more comfortably with a great and modern design and a roller on the front for easier transport.

When the detachable mast isn’t attached, you will have a remote which will help you control the programs and speed without bending down to reach the panel. Once you select the workout you want to do (including upper body, ab blast, leg workout, full body, cardio or HIIT), the voice coach will talk you through each exercise while counting you in and also counting you down.