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VibraFit Home Walking

The latest walking machine by Vibra Fit. The patented automatic speed control mode combines fitness, entertainment, and safety.

Enhanced handrail for better user experience with exquisite workmanship. Featuring mechanical button controls including emergency stop button and self adaptive speed adjustment.

With upgraded features and a sturdy, durable, ultra space saving frame, the Home Walking allows you to really enjoy your walking experience in luxury.

VibraFit Home Run

The Home Run motorized treadmill is a versatile exercise machine powered by strong motors, perfect for reaching fitness goals for the entire household. Its patented folding design makes it easy to store for a home or office solution. The specialised shock reduction system gives you a comfortable running experience like no other. 

VibraFit MiniWalk

The Mini Walk features intelligent infrared speed control which tracks position of your feet and adjusts the speed according to your desired speed by using the three stepping location zones.

It’s built with an aluminum alloy frame and has a super shock-absorption system, plus its convenient hydraulic handrail can aid with support as well as help increase speed.

The treadmill’s ultra-thin design has a ground clearance between 4.7 and 9 centimetres. Upgrade your fitness gear and train better with this treadmill from VibraFit