empowering you to reach your fitness goals

About VibraFit

Working with the single objective in mind of empowering you to reach your health and fitness goals, Vibra Fit focuses on developing innovative vibration fitness equipment to help you feel your healthiest and happiest.

Vibra Fit capitalizes on the benefits of vibration technology, designing each exercise instrument with this science that encourages the body to naturally react to the oscillating motion by forcing the use of all muscles for stabilization, and in turn, giving you a full-body workout. In comparison to weight training that only uses between 40-60% of your muscle fibres, vibration technology helps you use almost all of them, for the most effective exercise routine out there!

Made for anyone and everyone, the brand’s compact-size equipment helps you get moving towards a balanced, healthy lifestyle from the comfort of your own home, and features adjustable speeds so you can work out at a personalized level. If you simply want to add a quick and easy exercise to your daily routine, Vibra Fit is right for you!